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What is embedXcode?

embedXcode is a template for Xcode. It eases development for the most popular embedded computing boards.

For convenience, embedXcode requires the previous installation of the IDEs of the boards, as they pack the tool-chains, frameworks and utilities.

Instead of dealing with multiple IDEs...

...use just one!


embedXcode - Embedded Computing on Xcode



After having played with embedded computing platforms for a while, I was looking for one single IDE and a better one.

Why not to use Xcode, the free IDE from Apple? Xcode brings code-sense, code-completion, auto-check, click-to-error, self-documentation, tips, version management, debug and much more.

The embedXcode template allows to use Xcode to develop for the most popular boards based on the Wiring / Arduino framework, including Adafruit, Arduino, chipKIT and PICadillo, DFRobot, Espressif, LaunchPad, MediaTek LinkIt, Microduino, Moteino, NodeMCU, panStamp, RFduino, Simblee, Teensy, TinyCircuits and Udoo Neo boards.

The embedXcode+ template adds legacy support for ArduCAM, Digistump, Intel Galileo and Edison, LightBlue Bean, Little Robot Friends, Maple, Particle, RedBear, Robotis, Wiring boards on the Wiring / Arduino framework, the object-oriented Cosa framework for AVR-based boards, the Yocto native applications and MCU programs on the Intel Edison board.

Thanks to embedXcode, I'm developing twice as fast as before.

Because embedXcode relies on a modular design and on the IDEs of the boards for easier installation, virtually any board running on a Processing-based Wiring-derived Arduino-like IDE can be supported.

embedXcode comes in two editions : embedXcode with core features and embedXcode+ with extended functionalities like project sharing and external debugging.

Happy coding!

— Rei Vilo


The User Manual contains seven chapters with four groups, plus appendixes.

Click on an image to access the corresponding chapter.

© Rei VILO, 2010-2018

All rights reserved

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This electronic book uses the following typographic conventions:

  • Keywords and folders names are in Courier font:

Download and install Arduino 0023 or Arduino 1.0 or Arduino 1.5 under the /Applications folder.

  • Code is displayed with Courier font in a light grey box:
#include 'Arduino.h"
  • Applications are in Helvetica bold font.

Open a Terminal window.

  • Elements of the interface and menus are presented using Helvetica bold font. Keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions are framed.

Call the menu File > New > New Project... or press Shift+Cmd+N.

  • A mentions an internal link while a mentions an external link to the web.

The manual procedures are no longer required as they are now included in the automatic procedure . Download Xcode at the Mac App Store .

  • embedXcode+ specific features are mentioned by .

This section requires embedXcode+.