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Read the embedXcode 11.12.0 LTS release notes


embedXcode is coming to an end.

embedXcode 11.12 is the second release of embedXcode 11 LTS or long-term support.

The version major number remains 11, as embedXcode 11 LTS targets Xcode 11 on macOS 10.15.6 Catalina.

The Help Desk is the best way for reporting and solving issues. The User Manual is available as a website.


For all editions,

  • Release 11.12.0 updates the general utilities.
  • Release 11.11.12 updates support for Arduino SAMD boards.

For the embedXcode+ edition,

  • Release 11.11.11 updates support for Adafruit SAMD boards.
  • Release 11.11.10 updates support for LaunchPad MSP430 GCC ELF boards.

Coming to an end

Because of the multiple challenges embedXcode faces today, the adventure is coming to an end.

embedXcode does not support macOS 11 Big Sur and Xcode 12, but will focus instead on long-term support for macOS 10.15 Catalina and Xcode 11.

Download and install

Get updates and support until 1st November 2021

For the embedXcode+ edition, during the transition period starting 1er October 2020 and ending 1er November 2020, an additional link is displayed once the credentials have been entered.

The link goes to the page Get updates and support until 1st November 2021. This offers the opportunity to the embedXcode+ users to receive a long-term support until 1er November 2021.

Contribute and download

embedXcode is based on donations.

The embedXcode+ edition includes one year of updates and support after the latest donation or donation update.

Install the template

The installation of embedXcode is now performed by the Install embedXcode utility.

Be informed about new releases

There are three ways to be informed about the availability of a new release of embedXcode.

  • Subscribe to the newsletter . The newsletter provides information about new releases. It is sent only to subscribers who had explicitly opted-in.

  • Subscribe to the RSS feed on the Blog page of the embedXcode main website.

  • Check a new release manually, with a manual procedure.

Boards and IDEs

Supported boards

To list all the supported platforms and MCUs,

Legacy boards

Most of the legacy boards are still available, with a warning message being displayed during build.


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The embedXcode standard edition comes in one single licence for personal use and evaluation.

If you enjoy the embedXcode standard edition and you use it on a regular basis, please consider a donation or the embedXcode+ edition to help me maintaining the project.

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