Discover the story of the logo

2010-2014: Remember the first generation

The project started in January 2010 with the Arduino and chipKIT boards, and then the Wiring and LeafLabs boards.

The first embedXcode logo took a quarter of the icons from each of the IDEs. When Energia was launched, the rocket of its IDE was added on top to get the second embedXcode logo.

The first public version embedXcode was launched in January 2012.

It became quickly clear that there were two kinds of users. Some wanted to focus on core features while other were looking for more advanced features like project sharing and external debugging.

This led to the embedXcode+ edition, based on donations. The logo for the embedXcode+ edition just added a plus to the logo of the standard edition.

2015-2018: See the second generation

With more platforms being added, the logo had to change to suggest this wider choice.

There were as many different IDEs as platforms, customised to the colours of the manufacturer. So changing the targets board meant switching IDEs, while it was just selecting the board on embedXcode.

The second generation was introduced in September 2015 with the forth logo, and refined one year later with the fifth logo, taking some inspiration from flat design

It conveyed the sense of diversity with 18 squares, which colours were taken from their IDEs; and of unity, with strong eX and eX+ letters

The embedXcode logo was also adapted to each platform, with different shades from their IDEs: tile for Arduino, red for Energia, grey for Teensy. Utilities were in black, grey and reverse white on black

2019+: Discover the third generation

Today is launched the third generation with the sixth version of the logo.

The squares become circles, migrate from left to bottom, and clear the space for the eX and eX+ letters.

The background colour turns white to improve contrast and readability.

The logo keeps the same logic and is adapted to the different platforms and utilities.