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Manage privacy options

This section lists the options related to privacy. The new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR enforcement starts 25 May 2018.

Manage the websites cookies

It is not entirely clear whether personal websites like the websites listed below are concerned by GDPR.

The general embedXcode website is hosted by Weebly .

The embedXcode User Manual website is hosted by 1and1 .

Both providers have implemented GDPR. The hosts of the websites may use different cookies, such as technical cookies, necessary to enable the website to function properly; and analytical cookies, used to follow-up traffic and improve user experience.

The websites don't use additional third-party plug-ins, such as social plug-ins like Twitter or Facebook, or analytical plug-ins like Google Analytics, except those the providers may use.

For more information on how Weebly and 1and1 adhere to and implement GDPR,

Subscribe to newsletter

The newsletter contains informations about embedXcode and updates. It is sent at most once a month and is managed by MailChimp.

In accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, enforced 25 May 2018, subscribers need to opt-in explicitly. The collected data includes name and e-mail address, and optionally the preferred platform, and is solely used for sending the newsletters.

To subscribe,

To edit your profile or unsubscribe from this list,

  • Just click on the links provided at the bottom of each issue of the newsletters.

For more information on how MailChimp adheres to and implements GDPR,

  • Please refer to the dedicated page about GDPR .

Open a ticket

Tickets are managed by freshdesk , now part of freshworks .

When opening a ticket, a form asks for technical information about the issue, as well as the name and e-mail. The name and e-mail are solely used for sending the answer. Tickets are deleted once a year.

To update the preferences,

  • Just click on the Edit Profile link on the top-right of the screen once logged-in.

For more information on how freshworks adheres to and implements GDPR,

  • Please refer to the dedicated page about GDPR .

Check embedXcode new releases

In order to check the availability a new release of embedXcode, some information is sent anonymously. It includes current edition and version of embedXcode, and targeted platform. This information is required to generate and customise the answer.

By default, checking new release of embedXcode is disabled. During the first launch of embedXcode, a dialogue box asks for an explicit opt-in.

  • Click on Enable to check the availability of new releases of embedXcode.

  • Click on Disable otherwise.

The option can be changed anytime. To do so,

  • Launch the Allow New Release Check utility located on the ~/Documents/embedXcode folder.

Please note that opting-out turns the automatic Check and Download new release procedure off.

Make a donation

The donations are managed by PayPal .

Once the donation has been completed, the date, name, email address and transaction number are kept. The credentials include the e-mail address of the latest PayPal transaction as identifier and a 17-character-long string as password.

The credentials are sent on the confirmation e-mail after the donation. Please ensure you have received them. They are asked for when the embedXcode+ user wants to download a new release. Both fields are case sensitive.

To modify the email address or remove the credentials,

For more information on how PayPal implements GDPR,