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Read the licence

The embedXcode standard edition comes in one single licence for personal use and evaluation.

If you enjoy embedXcode and you use it on a regular basis, please consider a donation or the embedXcode+ edition to help me maintaining the project.

The embedXcode+ edition comes in two licences:

  • A personal licence if you are an individual and you donate on your own private funds and you use embedXcode+ for a personal project. All conditions are required.

  • A commercial licence if you are a legal entity (as a company or a not-for-profit organisation or a university or a self-employed developer) or you donate using funds from a legal entity or you use embedXcode+ for commercial development. Any condition applies.

The personal licence is upgradable to the commercial licence.

The user might be invited to confirm the terms of the personal licence.

The violation of this agreement may terminate the licence.