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Coming to an end

When I started developing embedXcode in 2010 and decided to share it in 2012, I’ve never imagined that it would be still active so many years later.

Almost a decade

Because of the multiple challenges embedXcode faces today, the adventure is coming to an end.

embedXcode does not plan to support macOS 11 Big Sur and Xcode 12 but will focus instead on long-term support for macOS 10.15 Catalina and Xcode 11.

To replace embedXcode, I recommend

I want to thank all the users who enjoyed embedXcode and supported the project by making donations and reporting issues, allowing to reach a high level of stability.

Detailed calendars

Calendar for embedXcode+ edition

Two phases are planned: a transition period until 1st November 2020, and a long-term support period starting 1st November 2020 and ending 1st November 2021.

  • During the transition period, existing users can update their donations for another year of updates and support.

  • During the long-term support period, development and maintenance will continue with updates and support as usual.

This calendar offers the best solution for a smooth transition. The long-term support period could be extended upon request.

Calendar for embedXcode standard edition

One single phase is planned for the embedXcode standard edition: a transition period until 1st November 2020.

  • During the transition period, download will remain available.

Calendar for miscellaneous and ancillary services

Miscellaneous and ancillary services will be closed during the two phases and all the related data deleted.

Data and security management

Closing a service deletes all its associated data.

List of services

The services are listed at the Manage privacy options section and include:

  • Weebly for the main website,
  • Ionos for the user manual website,
  • Mailchimp for the newsletter s “embedXcode Newsletter” and “embedXcode+ Direct Update Mail”,
  • Freshdesk for the help desk,
  • Paypal for the donations, and
  • SurveyMonkey for the surveys.

For the users of embedXcode+, the credentials are maintained until November 2021 to ensure access to downloads for one year after the last donation.


Date Service Action
07 Oct 2020 SurveyMonkey Account closed
02 Nov 2020 Mailchimp All “embedXcode Newsletter” subscribers deleted
02 Nov 2020 Paypal Account closed
02 Nov 2020 Weebly General website emptied
05 Nov 2020 Mailchimp Ageing “embedXcode+ Direct Update Mail” subscribers deleted
14 Dec 2020 Apple Apple developer account closed
06 Jan 2021 Mailchimp Ageing “embedXcode+ Direct Update Mail” subscribers deleted
15 Apr 2021 Mailchimp Ageing “embedXcode+ Direct Update Mail” subscribers deleted
17 May 2021 Weebly General website closed
26 Jun 2021 Mailchimp Ageing “embedXcode+ Direct Update Mail” subscribers deleted

The reasons behind

Many asked me about the reasons behind ending the embedXcode project.

Today, embedXcode faces three major challenges.

The development boards and tools

The fast pace of change of the tools embedXcode relies on makes maintenance and support especially challenging. Continuous updates of the boards packages and yearly releases of macOS and Xcode introduce major changes and regressions difficult to deal with.

The new development boards are more powerful and allow more sophisticated applications. A new generation of tools provides most of the features embedXcode pioneered. Similarly, new languages are gaining traction, like Python for embedded systems.

Both tools and languages are promoted and supported by large companies embedXcode can’t compare with.

The legal framework is becoming more complex, with the American FTC Endorsement Guide (16 CFR Part 255) and the European GDPR as notable examples.

Complying with those requirements takes time and diverts resources from the core project.

Good-bye Apple!

The last challenge is Apple I no longer trust. It hardly comes as a surprise after my series of posts about Apple on my blog, compiled under The Apple case .

The critical and consistent drop of quality in Apple’s hardware, software and customer service calls for immediate consideration of alternatives.

Apple has shifted its focus away from computers, and nurtures now grand visions for banking, press, entertainment, games, healthcare and wellness.

The WWDC 2020 announcements — new macOS, new Xcode, new line of processors, and rapid implementation — are disruptive and open a period of uncertainty.

So the offer from Apple no longer seems to be the right solution for embedded systems development. I’ve decided to switch back to Windows or migrate to Linux.