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Change the board

The board has been defined initially during the creation of the project.

However, it can be easily changed.

To change the board,

  • Select the Project navigator, then the project, here embed1.

On the Info pane, select the project under Project and then the Info pane.

  • Select Configuration > Debug, then the name of the project, here embed1.

All the targets are displayed under the name of the project. In this example, the name of the project is embed1 and the active board Arduino Uno.

  • Click on the name of the board: a drop-down list shows the boards available.

  • Just select one.

If the board isn’t listed,

  • Check first with the Finder the board configuration file is already on the Configurations sub-folder of the project.

  • Follow the procedure Add New Boards Missing after an Update to add it to the project.

Otherwise for embedXcode+,

When the board is selected and a build process launched, embedXcode+ manages and updates the file main.cpp of the project automatically.