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Manage General Messages

General messages during compilation includes compiler messages, new release download, project update.

Manage Compiler Messages

In case of a failed compilation, the Issue navigator display messages, either warning messages or error messages.

  • An error message is highlighted in red and stops the compilation. It points at the line that originated the error.


LED was not declared in this scope.

  • A warning message is highlighted in yellow and doesn’t stop the compilation, but points at possible cause of errors.


unusedVariable is an unused variable.

Here, the board isn't connected and thus the serial port is not available.

The warning messages are explained in the next section.

Here, LED was not declared in this scope.

The Report navigator on the right side provides more details.

The Issue navigator provides a list of all the errors found during compilation.

To display the list of error messages and the corresponding lines of code,

  • Click on the icon of the middle to display the Issue navigator:

  • Click once on the message highlighted in red to display the line where the error is located.

The cursor points at LED line 89: the correct variable name is myLED. The error is just a misspelling. Note that the whole line is in black.

  • Change LED for myLED. The line is coloured back.

Download New Release

This feature is by default turned off, and implemented only if the user has opted-in explicitly.

Allow New Release Check

During the first use of embedXcode, a dialog box asks for an explict authorisation to check embedXcocde new releases.

  • Click on Enable to check the availability of new releases of embedXcode.

  • Click on Disable otherwise.

For more information, and on how to change this option anytime after,


Opting-out turns the automatic Check and Download New Release procedure off.

Check and Download New Release

During the first compilation of the project, a dialog box prompts if a new release of embedXcode is available.


Due to a change of server, the update message no longer works for versions prior to 7.5.1.

The dialog box closes automatically after 10 seconds.

  • Click on Go to Download to download the new release or Ignore to ignore it.

  • Proceed with the installation.

During the following compilations of the project, the dialog box is replaced by a notification.

In all cases, a message is printed on the Report Navigator.

==== Check project embed1 ==== 
---- A new release 7.5.3 is available ---- 
Jul 04, 2017 release 7.5.3 • Improved stability for compact main.cpp 
Template provides release 7.5.2 
==== Project embed1 checked ==== 

For embedXcode, the new release of the template only applies for new projects. Existing projects are not updated with the new template.

With embedXcode+ release 7.0 and later, all the projects use the latest release of the installed template. There is no need to update the projects themselves.

Project created with embedXcode+ prior to release 7.0 need to be updated.

Select the Project Update Procedure

Depending on the initial project and the edition, different procedures are available.

To update a project with embedXcode standard edition,

To update a project created with embedXcode standard edition to embedXcode+ edition,

To update projects created with embedXcode+ prior to release 7.0,

To update projects created with embedXcode+ release 7.0 and after,

  • There is nothing to do, as those projects no longer require any procedure.