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Improve the style of the code

This section requires the embedXcode+ edition.

The first step consists on formatting the code to improve its readability.

The target Style indents, formats and improves the presentation of the code. It is based on one single set of rules used for all the files to provide a consistent presentation across the project.

The parameters are defined in the style.conf file, located under Utilities. The options are grouped into 8 sections, including bracket style, tabulations, brackets, indentation, padding, formatting and others.

The style option defines how brackets are managed. Here, the gnu style is selected.


For more information about the options,

  • Please refer to the Documentation page on the Artistic Style website.

To launch the automatic style editor,

  • Select the Style target.

  • Call the menu Product > Build or press Cmd+B or click on the Run icon.

The files with the .h, .c, .hpp, .cpp and .ino extensions located in the project folder and sub-folders are updated.

Below, an example of code before and after running the Style target.