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Build the documentation

This section requires the embedXcode+ edition.

Once the code has been formatted and commented, it’s time now to build the documentation. By default, embedXcode generates the documentation under four different formats:

  • A LateX .tex document;

  • A PDF document .pdf file, based on the LaTeX document. The LateX and PDF options are linked;

  • An HTML-formatted documentation, with index.html as entry;

  • A help file for Xcode called documentation set or .docset. The documentation set is incorporated in the Xcode help library. This option requires the HTML-formatted documentation.

Select the output format

The parameters for the documentation outputs are defined in the doxyfile file, located under Utilities.

Here are the main settings for selecting the outputs:

  • GENERATE_LATEX prepares the LaTeX .tex and PDF document .pdf files;

  • GENERATE_HTML prepares an HTML-formatted documentation;

  • GENERATE_DOCSET creates the documentation set .docset file and incorporates it in the Xcode help library. This option requires GENERATE_HTML.

If the local libraries are placed within folders and you want to include them in the documentation,

Check the RECURSIVE option is set to YES.

RECURSIVE              = YES

There are many more options available.

For more information about the Doxygen options,

Build the documentation

To build the documentation,

  • Select the Document target and

  • Press Run.

Doxygen builds the documentation and issues warnings for undocumented portion of your code.

The HMTL website and the .docset files are located on the html sub-folder of the build folder, while the LaTeX and PDF files are under the latex sub-folder of the build folder. The xml sub-folder of the build folder contains the index.

The documentation is packed in a specific file called .docset for documentation set, and added into Xcode documentation and API reference.

A PDF file is also automatically generated and copied to the project folder as embed1 - Reference Manual.pdf, if embed1 is the name of the project.

Similarly, the link to the HMTL website is copied to the project folder as embed1 - Reference Manual.url, if embed1 is the name of the project.

As an option, the PDF file can be created manually.

To convert the TEX file into a PDF file, a LaTeX-to-PDF converter is needed.

To create the PDF file manually,

  • Double-click on a .tex file to launch TexShop or the installed LaTeX-to-PDF converter.