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Install embedXcode Legacy 8.0

This section requires embedXcode+.

Release 9.0 removes the legacy boards listed below for a more compact installation package.

Platform Boards Comment
ArduCAM ESP8266 and CC3200 Discontinued
Cosa On hold
 Digistump Digispark, DigiX and Oak Discontinued
Glowdeck Glowdeck Discontinued
Intel Galileo, Galileo Gen 2 and Edison Discontinued, but Curie still supported
Little Robot Friends Little Robot Friends Discontinued
 Maple Discontinued, use STM32duino instead
 Particle Core On hold
 Robotis Discontinued, use STM32duino instead
Wiring Discontinued

For those legacy boards,

  • Select and install the embedXcode Legacy 8 installation package. It corresponds to embedXcode release 7.6.8.


embedXcode Legacy 8 is deprecated and no longer supported.

As an alternative, the tools can be installed manually.