Use Discontinued Cosa Framework

This section requires embedXcode+.

embedXcode+ also supports the Cosa framework.

Cosa is an object-oriented framework compatible with Arduino for the AVR-based boards.

It requires the previous installation of the Wiring / Arduino framework and runs only on AVR-based boards.

For more information about the Cosa framework,

Install the Cosa Framework

If you plan to use the Cosa framework,

  • Download and install the supported versions of the Arduino IDE under the /Applications folder, as described in the section Install the Arduino Platform .

  • Launch it.

  • Define the path of the sketchbook folder in the menu Arduino > Preferences > Sketchbook location.

  • Avoid spaces in the name and path of the sketchbook folder.

  • Follow the procedure Install Additional Boards.

  • Call the Boards Manager and check the Cosa platform is listed.

If the Cosa platform isn’t listed on the Boards Manager,

  • Open the Preferences and add the following URL on a separate line, as described in section Add URLs for New Boards .
  • Select the board and click on Install.

For more information about the installation of Cosa,

Once installation is completed,

  • Check that the Tools > Boards menu on the Arduino IDE mentions the Cosa-supported boards.

For more information about the Cosa framework,

  • Please refer to the official online documentation at the Cosa website.

Create a New Project

To create a new project,

  • Call the menu File > New > Project... or press Cmd+Shift+N.

  • Select the macOS option.

  • Scroll down and look for the embedXcode or embedXcode+ group.

There are five templates for the Wiring / Arduino framework, and one template for each of the other frameworks, Cosa, Edison Yocto, Edison MCU.

Select an embedXcode+ for Cosa Template

If embedXcode+ for Cosa is installed and selected, another option is available.

  • Select the template embedXcode+ Cosa for the AVR-based boards running on the object-oriented Cosa framework.

  • Click on Next to proceed to the next step.

  • Continue with Define the Parameters of the New Project.

Visit the Official Websites

The following section lists the name of the tools for the Cosa framework, to be installed on top of the Arduino environment.

IDE Arduino with Boards Manager